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State Bank of India in Bahrain chooses Gallure ideas & Insights as their service provider for ATM and related Services

State Bank of India - ATM & Services

State Bank of India is the biggest ndian Indian financial institution which operates and serve its customers worldwide. We are please to announce that ICICI’s Bahrain operation has chosen Gallure ideas & Insights as its preferred vendor for enhancing their ATM network. 

“This change will bring their optional and long term engagement cost to nearly 50% less than the vendor which they are using right now” Said Gaurav Bhasin, CEO of Gallure. He further insisted that cost optimization is the need of the hour and we need to choose the best options which does not compromise on customer experience and operations. 

Premium ATM’s from Diebold Nixdorf will be main center of the solution. This ATM will have cash and cheque deposit as well in addition to the earlier services of cash dispense only.

Autoob automation arm of Gallure ideas & insights which focuses on IT related product and services will take care of annual maintenance. ” We use genuine spare parts and have a huge stock.”Said Kuldeep Kumar support specialist for Diebold Nixdorf. 

DN machines are made in Germany and have high durability in comparison to other suppliers, who are making all the machines in china.

Completion of this project will achieve a better ATM which can serve the customers with not only cash dispensing but cash and cheque deposit as well.

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