Founded in Bahrain in 2010, Gallure IT in technology has been at the
forefront of the various banking technologies for the national & international
community of banks, bankers, financial services professionals, vendors,
consultants, analysts and other industry participants, big and small.
We offer innovative IT solutions for banks and other financial services sector
providers. You can choose services from business consulting to IT
infrastructure services. The solutions can be delivered to you as a service,
where we take the full responsibility for the solution’s functionality and make
sure that all regulatory requirements are fulfilled.
We design personalised and proactive digital banking solutions for your
customers. We can help you to develop mobile banking solutions that will
enhance your customers’ service experience.
Working with Gausas brings you deep industrial know–how combined with
leading edge technology. Contact our team to learn more about our
offering and how we can help you to create the next-generation financial