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Autoob – information technology devision of Gallure which focus completely on digital transformation and automation, has completed yet another project for Reehat perfumes. This project aimed to create a global reach of their famous perfumes in Bahrain. 

Digital transformation has become the top most priority for business trying to capture the fast growing online trade. Due to the current pandemics the movement of customers from physical to digital is happening at an alarming rate.  By 2025 we will see all the major retail will cater to at least 40% of their customers online. Digital platforms provide a deep understanding of customer behaviors and their changing preferences. Implementing a  bot supported by artificial intelligence will help companies to achieve  automation of this changes in behavior and will solve it with automated learning.   

Completion of this project has achieved a robust e commerce website with integrated delivery services for facilitating customers with real time shipping and logistic cost on their checkout.

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