The World Logistics Show , Bahrain

World Logistics show - Planned and executed by Gallure ideas & Insights

The World Logistics Show is an innovative event held annually in Bahrain for companies that are involved in facilitating options of supply chain management and Logistics to different buyers. It is approved by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

TWLS Industry Awards

TWLS will appraise the efforts of the industry professionals and teams by evaluation of their contribution to the economy by panel of expert judge and rewarding them with industry special awards . These awards are deeply classified in 21 expert categories.

The show will highlight kingdoms pivotal role in

. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
? Port and Shipping
? Special Logistics
? Intelligent Transportation & New Energy
? Material Handling and Technology
? Transit & Transport Construction and Planning
? Logistics Finance & Related Industries
? Bahrain Logistics-Quick and Economical
? Sea Rail Inter Modal
? Storage Expertise